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Mighty Mite

Mighty Mite

Claude Werner, aka The Tactical Professor, has been a bit of guru for me. Other firearms instructors wander off in search of more refined, more esoteric drills that are shot with customized “everyday carry” guns that a) cost upwards of $2000 and b) are size and shape of a large paperback book. Claude, on the other hand, concentrates on small inexpensive guns, aka the type of guns that actually show up at a CCW class or a beginning pistol class.

In addition to this, he sets standards and training regimens that are both achievable and useful in a real-world setting. Rather than obsess over learning how to do a one-second draw (and Claude can shoot… you don’t get to run the Rogers School unless you can shoot), Claude is more concerned about how to get white belts to earn their first stripe, if I can use a martial arts metaphor here.

I’m very pleased to have him working with us at Ammoman, as I feel is content is very helpful for people who want to stay safe, but aren’t willing or able to completely rearrange their lifestyle in order to carry a Rowland Special. Go check out his blog. I’m sure you’ll learn something.

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