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One Step Beyond Concealed Carry

The Concealed Carry Draw

Deploying your defensive firearm in a timely manner is an essential part of the concealed carry lifestyle. The latest and greatest hand blaster and all the firepower in the world are useless if you can’t get your gun into the fight when you need it the most. 

However, most shooting ranges don’t allow you to draw from a holster, and learning a smooth and efficient draw is a daunting task if you’re doing it all by yourself. On top of all of this, holster manufacturers sell their holsters on the basis of comfort, not speed or ease of use. A comfortable holster is great, but a comfortable holster that gets in the way of you getting your gun in the fight is a dangerous thing to carry on your waist. 

This class is designed to improve your draw from concealment, no matter if you’re an experienced firearms owner who carries a pistol on a daily basis or someone who is new to the concealed carry lifestyle. 

Other Topics Will Include: 

  • Choosing a good holster and gun belt
  • The Efficient Concealed Carry Draw
  • Safe re-holstering
  • Theory and practice of the Failure To Stop Drill 
  • Test and Evaluation 

This class is just two hours long and requires only one 50 round box of ammo. Class size will be topped at just five people to allow plenty of opportunities for 1-1 instruction. A pistol (9mm/38 Special or larger caliber), spare magazine and cover garment such as light jacket or oversized t-shirt are required. A holster suitable for concealed carry is highly recommended. Please do not bring a Blackhawk! Serpa holster or a soft nylon holster such as an Uncle Mike’s or similar holster. If there are any questions, please email me at