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Hit The Mark When It Matters Most

Competency Isn’t For Sale In A Gun Store

So you “know how to shoot.” That’s great. What does that actually mean? Well, a recent study of law enforcement gunfights found that officers shot at a level equal to 70% of their worst qualification score when their life was on the line. 

Think about your last range trip. Think about where the holes were in your worst target. Think about shooting only 70% as good as that. 

Still Think You Know How To Shoot? 

The Pistol Technique Tuneup: Advanced Accuracy class has one goal: Shrink your groups and get your hits when they’re needed the most. This short, inexpensive class builds on the fundamentals of trigger and grip that are key to making  good hits out to 25 yards or more. 

In this class, you’ll learn how to make your body’s natural mechanics work with you when you fire a pistol, with special emphasis placed on trigger control. Ranges for this course will vary from three yards out to twenty five yards, and an emphasis is placed on making the shot quickly, because if you’re involved in a gunfight, your opponent isn’t going to sit around and wait for you to take the shot. 

Other topics covered include: 

  • Refining The Draw
  • Is Stance All That Important?
  • Where A Good Grip Starts

Class size will be topped at just five people to allow for lots of 1-1 instruction. A pistol (9mm/38 Special or larger caliber), spare magazine and cover garment such as light jacket or oversized t-shirt are required. A holster suitable for concealed carry is highly recommended. As we’ll be drawing from the holster, the prerequisite for this class is a previous Pistol Technique Tuneup class, or an equivalent class from another instructor. 

Sign up online or contact us for more information.