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The Square Range Isn't The Real World

X Marks The Spot. You’re The Spot.

This is the fourth class in the Pistol Technique Tuneup series and covers the use of lethal force outside the home. 

Most pistol training takes place in a square training bay, where you’re lined up neatly towards your target. You stand in front of your target as you draw and shoot, draw and shoot, draw and shoot, shoot, shoot.

The world outside the pistol bay, however, looks completely different. All of the items in our daily lives, like furniture, cars and the people around us, will suddenly come into play if we’re forced to defend a life with our concealed carry pistol. Some of those objects can stop a bullet. Some can’t. Some can be shot at. Others can’t. This class is all about interacting with the real world while stopping an imminent and real threat to our lives.

Cover, Concealment And The Reality of Incoming Fire

The Pistol Technique Tuneup: Moving and Shooting class builds on the principles learned in the previous class, Living With a Gun In The Home. This short, inexpensive class teaches how to use our environment to increase the positive outcomes and decrease the negative consequences that might happen in a deadly force encounter.

In this class teaches students how to engage a moving target, how to safely move with a pistol in their hands and how to stop the threat while minimizing the risk to others.

Other topics covered include:

  • What’s Better Than Cover or Concealment?
  • Why The 4th Rule Of Gun Safety Exists
  • Creating A Plan… Well, More Like A Guideline

The class is two hours long and requires completion of the third Pistol Technique Tuneup class, Living With A Gun In The Home, or an equivalent experience in firearms training or practical pistol competition. 

Classes are starting soon. Signup online or contact us for more information.