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Building Up The Walls Of The Castle

There are 2.5 million burglaries annually in the United States. Only one in eight are ever solved. In just over two hours, you’ll learn proven methods of protecting your home against burglary, robbery and home invasion, and much more. This portion of the class is tailored for people who want to stay safe in their homes, but are not willing to commit to using a firearm for home defense.

For those people, though, there is an optional additional range session where you’ll use your home defense firearm in simulated home invasion scenarios to better prepare yourself to defend what’s most important to you.

The two hour classroom session covers:

  • Who Breaks Into Homes, And Why
  • Easy Ways To Improve Your Home Security
  • The Three “D’s” of Home Protection

There is an optional home defense firearms add-on that covers:

  • Basics Of Close Quarters Engagements
  • Making Your Home Work In Your Favor

Please email for more information on this class.