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Here comes
the BOOM!

The defensive shotgun might be the most effective home defense firearm around, but it is not a “fire and forget” sort of thing. Unlocking the true potential of a defensive shotgun takes some knowledge and familiarity with your gun and the ammunition it uses. This five hour class will show you just how effective a tactical shotgun can be in a home defense situation and give you the skills you need for optimal use of your scattergun when literally everything is on the line.

Put The Power Of The Shotgun On Your Side When It Matters Most

Topics Covered In This Class

  • History of the defensive shotgun
  • Differences between a hunting shotgun and a tactical shotgun
  • Shotguns vs rifles for home defense
  • Gear and accessory choices
  • Safe storage and deployment of the shotgun
  • Controlling recoil for fast follow-up shots
  • Reloading and ammo management

Gear Requirements

  • A 12 gauge pump-action or semi-automatic shotgun (tube-fed or box magazine-fed)
  • Some method of storing extra ammo on your gun OR extra magazines if box-fed is highly recommended
  • Sling optional
  • 100 rounds birdshot (#7 or greater preferred)
  • 20 rounds buckshot (Federal FliteControl preferred)
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Lunch and/or snacks
  • Water, bug spray, sun screen

Students will learn the following:

  • The history of the tactical shotgun and how it is different from a shotgun for hunting
  • The advantages and disadvantages of shotgun sighting methods
  • How to manage the recoil of their shotguns for fast follow-ups shots and effective target transitions
  • How to manage ammunition and keep the shotgun in the fight
  • Have an opportunity to shoot a Federal law enforcement shotgun qualification (for instructional purposes only)
The Close Quarters King

The defensive shotgun is simply unmatched in close-range firepower. Learn to put that power to use protecting what’s important to you.

Kevin Creighton

Kevin Creighton is the owner and head instructor of Quietly Armed and is also a full time firearms writer for the National Rifle Association. He is certified by the NRA and other nationwide organizations to teach firearms training and has hundreds of hours of classes from trainers all across the country.