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Take The First Step In The Armed Lifestyle

Self Defense Outside The Home

If you own a gun, you are exercising your right to keep arms.
This classes teaches you how to bear arms.
These days, personal defense is the #1 reason why people buy guns. A gun and a concealed carry license by themselves, however, doesn’t provide you any protection anymore than buying a guitar and some sheet music provides musical talent. This class covers the essentials of using a pistol to defend yourself as you live your everyday life.

We keep this three-hour class small (just six students) in order to maximize the 1-1 training opportunities. The instruction is focused on helping you make the transition from being just a gun owner to someone who has the skills and confidence to defend what is most important in your life.

This class is designed to show people how to make the transition from just have a piece of paper that says you MAY carry a defensive firearm with you to someone who has the skills and confidence to carry on a regular basis.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to get your gun into the fight as fast as possible
  • Safe use of a holster
  • The use of a pistol as a defensive firearm
  • Making the shot on-demand
  • Advanced accuracy techniques

At the completion of this course, each student will understand how to keep their firearm concealed until it is needed.
They will also know how to quickly and efficiently deploy it in a safe manner should the need arise.

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