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Safe At Home, And Everywhere Else, Too

We all want to stay safe. Personal safety is a basic human need because without it, everything in our lives is literally up for grabs. We want to feel safe, and we want to know that our lives are secure.

That’s where we can help.

What Is Quietly Armed?

Quietly armed describes how we teach concealed carry and the armed lifestyle. We’re not about showing you how to run around in full battle-rattle with an M4 carbine in your hands. We’re also not about bragging and boasting and letting people know that we are carrying a concealed firearm. We are quietly armed. We understand that gaining the ability to protect our lives means giving up our “right” to get angry. It means we are ready and able to deal with whatever life may throw at us. Being quietly armed means we do not look for trouble, but when trouble shows up, we can handle it, and come out victorious.

We are quietly armed.

Florida Concealed Carry

When you’re looking for a concealed carry instructor, you are looking for someone to help you be your best when literally everything is on the line.

If that’s the case, why not learn from the best?

Defensive Pistol Training

Your concealed carry gives you a license to carry concealed, but it doesn’t teach you HOW to carry concealed. This class teaches you what to look for in a holster and how to integrate a defensive pistol into your lifestyle.

Defensive Shotgun

The scattergun brings unprecedented firepower to any close-quarters encounter. Firearms fads come and firearms fads go, but when it comes time to end the fight, it’s time to reach for your shotgun.

Latest News

With A Bit Of A Mind Flip

“An ordinary person spends his life avoiding tense situations. A repo man spends his life getting into tense situations.” - Harry Dean Stanton, “Repo Man” I’m working on standing up…


Our core mission:

  • Provide you with personal safety education that is relevant to your life
  • Empower to you to make wise decisions on how to best protect what is dear to you
  • Create a path towards lifelong safety for you and your loved ones

“A great class and I appreciate you taking the time to provide the training. Definitely will be interested in joining you for more advanced training.” 

– A recent student

Safety, as the saying goes, is everyone’s concern, but not everyone realizes the need to oversee their own personal safety. We can show you the difference between “feeling safe” and relying on hope, and being safe and relying your knowledge and training to protect what matters to you most.

“The only way to be sure that your gun will always there when you need it is to always carry it with you.”

– Massad Ayoob

Make A Change In Your Life. Contact Us Today.

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