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Firearms Training In Naples, Florida

We’ve designed our Florida-certified concealed carry courses so that you will finish with more than just a slip of paper, you’ll also have the desire and the drive to protect yourself and those you love whenever and wherever you can.

Expert Training Made Easy

Our courses were designed by Kevin Creighton, an experienced shooter and gun writer with hundreds and hundreds of hours of firearms training from some of the leading instructors in America. For over ten years now, Kevin has been writing about the new realities of gun ownership and concealed carry, and he has used that experience to develop a curriculum that not only teaches you to shoot, but teaches you how protect what matters to your most.

If you’ve made the decision to obtain a Florida concealed carry permit, sign up for one of our comprehensive, educational (and fun) concealed carry classes.

Signup for a class today.

Interested in learning to shoot better? We also do private coaching sessions and one-on-one training sessions: Contact us to set up a time and a place.