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Real World Concealed Carry

If you’ve driven around Southwest Florida for any length of time, you’ve seen signs that offer cut-rate concealed carry classes where the trainer says they’ll come to you. 

Do you have a live-fire shooting range in your living room? I don’t.

Or maybe you’ve gone to a gun show where one instructor will stand in front of fifty or more students and try to teach them the intricacies of Florida firearms regulations. Does that instructor really care about you and your desire to be safe? 

When you’re choosing a concealed carry instructor, you’re choosing someone who can provide you with the skills to save your life or the life of a loved one. 


There Is A Difference

The state of Florida requires instructor to have just 24 hours of training before they can teach a concealed carry class.
I have over 1000 hours of firearms instruction, over 40 times what’s required.

State law says that if you can pull the trigger of a gun and make the gun go “bang!” you have enough training to defend your life.
I teach you how to place your shots on-target when literally everything depends on your marksmanship.

Other instructors talk about their military or law enforcement experience.
That’s great, but how is that relevant to you in your daily life?

I’m just like you. I enjoy the relaxed lifestyle we have here in Naples, and I want you and your loved ones to keep enjoying your lives and to keep you safe from those who would do us harm. Sign up for a concealed carry class, and learn how to stay safe, have fun and protect yourself when everything is on the line. 

A Concealed Carry class from Quietly Armed Includes:

  • Three hours of classroom time from a nationally-recognized firearms expert covering Florida firearms rules, the basics of marksmanship and what it takes to win a gunfight
  • Two hours of range time that go far beyond the minimum needed for your license and teaches you how to get shots on target when it matters the most
  • One-one guidance in a friendly, relaxed learning environment that caters to the armed citizen
Would you rely on one of these guys to save your life?

Rather than rely on a cut-rate instructor with an assembly-line teaching style, why not get your concealed carry permit from a nationally-known firearms expert?

Kevin Creighton

Kevin Creighton is the owner and head instructor of Quietly Armed and is also a full time firearms writer for the National Rifle Association. He is certified by the NRA and other nationwide organizations to teach firearms training and has hundreds of hours of classes from trainers all across the country.