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The Next Step After Your Carry Permit

So You Have A Carry Permit. Now What?

Congratulations on your decision to acquire a Florida concealed carry permit. Choosing to carry a defensive firearm wherever and whenever you can do so legally is probably the most adult decision you’ll ever make in your life. You’ve realized that there will not be a police officer around when you need one the most, and you have taken an important first step in becoming your own first responder.

However, getting your Florida concealed carry permit is just the first step. Analysis of thousands of violent encounters has shown that there are four things you need to do when your life is on the line. 

  1. Have a gun
  2. Be able to access the gun
  3. Be able to make the gun go bang
  4. Be willing to use the gun

Your concealed carry class taught you only one of those things. Now it’s time to learn the other three. 

Confidence Isn’t For Sale In The Gun Store 

The Pistol Technique Tuneup series is specifically designed for maximum learning, minimal fuss, and maximum amount of fun. Rather than throw everything at you all at once, each class is only two hours long and covers one topic, making sure you’ll leave the class more prepared, more secure and more confident. 

Even better, each class uses less than one box of ammo. This way, you can gain the skills you need to react to a violent encounter, without emptying your wallet in the process. 

There are six classes in the Pistol Technique Tuneup Series

Classes are starting soon, so sign up at Deep50 Range/a>for all the latest details, or contact us for more information.