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About Us

Kevin CreightonHi, my name’s Kevin Creighton, and I’m a gun owner, gun writer, competitive shooter and the head honcho at Quietly Armed.

It all started at a young age, shooting a .22 rifle with my cousins on their farm outside of Calgary, Alberta. It continued on through high school, where I quickly developed a reputation as “the guy who knew a lot about guns.”

I didn’t grow up hunting and shooting: I fit in better with “Gun Culture 2.0” than I do with guns as an outdoor recreation (but I’m trying to change that). I like competing in USPSA, IDPA and 3 Gun, and I’m working on getting into hunting and the shotgun sports.

“Kevin Creighton is an essential part of my brain trust: I rely on his insight when it comes to practical shooting and firearms ownership in the US”.
– Michael Bane, TV Host, The Outdoor Channel

I’ve written articles about the new realities of gun ownership for many different publications including Beretta.com, American Hunter, Shooting Illustrated and NRA Family. I’ve been a keynote blogger on KFYI radio, been featured on a Shooting Gallery TV episode on Outdoor Channel and done a bunch of radio/podcast appearances.

Kevin Creighton

While I grew up around guns, I never really saw the need to be responsible for my family’s protection. However, when I realized that need,  I learned how to defend myself and my family as best as I could, and I went on a journey to learn as much about armed self-protection and how it applied to my life. That knowledge, and the hundreds of hours of training I’ve received goes into every class I teach. I’m not a tactical operator or any of that: I’m just a guy like you who’s gone to extraordinary lengths to learn all I can about protect my loved ones, and now I’m putting that knowledge to work with QuietlyArmed.com.

Making the decision to arm yourself and become responsible for your own protection is the most adult decision you can make. Let’s make sure your decision is more than just lip service to “feeling safe.” Let’s make sure you be safe as well, every day of your life.

“Always be nice. Until it’s time to not be nice.” – Road House

Quietly Armed
Naples, Florida