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Welcome To Quietly

Welcome to Quietly

I’m your host, Kevin Creighton, and I guess I should introduce myself.

I’ve been a gun writer for almost ten years now, writing at first on my own blog, Misfires And Light Strikes, and then for publications like Shooting Illustrated, NRA Family, American Hunter and companies like Beretta and Lucky Gunner. I still write for all those publications as well as for and here on this site.

A little bit more about myself and my approach to personal safety. I’m not a tactical operator: The only sandbox I’ve ever been in was the one I played in as a kid, and I’m not going to tell you the best ways to blow open a door with explosives or call in a airstrike on a terrorist cell.

What I am is a husband to a loving wife and a father to two wonderful sons. Years ago, I bought a gun for self-protection after a violent home invasion happened in our town. That led to a desire to not only OWN a gun, but learn how to use it effectively to defend what’s most important to me, and so I embarked on a years-long journey to find the best ways to keep them safe in today’s ever-changing world. That desire has led me to become a gun writer, and has also driven me to learn from some of the leading lights in firearms training world, people like Massad Ayoob, Chuck Haggard, Ernest Langdon and many, many others.

My goal isn’t to just to give you a certificate and a hearty handshake, my goal is instill in you a desire to be more than just a gun owner: I want you to take responsibility for your personal safety and become your own first responder.

Why? Because the people we call “first responders,” as brave as they may be (and they are… they really, really are), those people are actually SECOND responders. The first responder to a critical situation is, and always will be, the people who are affected by the situation at-hand. Police show up only AFTER the crime happens. Firemen show up only AFTER the fire is started. Paramedics show up only AFTER the medical emergency happens. The person on the scene will always respond first to these emergencies. My goal is to help you learn to respond quickly and effectively.

Because you and your loved ones are worth it.