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Source Material

Source Material

I am a big fan of trainers who acknowledge the glaringly obvious fact that most of what we teach is based on the work of others. So with that in mind, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the people who have influenced me on my firearms training journey.

Michael Bane
Michael has been a good friend and a mentor for several years now. He’s been trained by the best (Jim Cirillo, Walt Rausch and Jeff Cooper, to name a few) and he’s a walking encyclopedia of gun culture in America.
Even though his taste in music is a little suspect. It’s a better album than anything that ABBA has ever done. Admit it, Michael. 🙂

Claude Werner
Claude has definitely earned the nickname “The Tactical Professor.” His background is in the military and he’s been a firearms trainer at some of the best schools in the country. He is more in-touch with what concealed carry means for regular joes like you and me, and he’s had a profound influence on my armed defense priorities.

Greg Ellifritz
Super smart and a fountain of real-life gun knowledge, I consider it a high honor whenever he links to one of my articles.

John Corriea
Want a crash course on what violence really looks like? Watch John’s YouTube channel. John breaks down videos of real-world violence and helps all of learn the lessons of the street, without having to go on the street ourselves.

Jeff Street
When I lived in Arizona, I was used to having a pistol bay all to myself. This is not the case here in Southwest Florida, so my first experience at Step By Step Gun Training’s “Shoot N Scoot” events was a revelation. Jeff and his wife are committed to making armed self defense FUN, rather than a chore, and that’s a passion that I share with him.

Who else?
Well, not to name drop, but Tom Givens, Kathy Jackson, Massad Ayoob, Chuck Haggard, John Johnston and Melody Lauer, Andrew Branca, Todd Louis Green and Paul Carlson have all had a tremendous influence on my journey to secure, confident and safe self-protection.

It’s been a privilege to learn from them.