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Best Bang For The Buck

Best Bang For The Buck

I grew up reading the reviews in car magazines and loved how Car & Driver in particular wouldn’t just list of the facts and figures about the cars they test, they’d compare one to the other and pick winners.
That sort of review doesn’t happen in the firearms world, where gun reviews usually happen just one a time, and if, by chance, multiple guns are listed, it’s just a dry, boring list of dimensions and features.

This is silly, because the first thing that people do when they walk into a gun store is compare one gun to another to see which one is best for them, and the second thing they do is ask for opinions on which is gun is better than the others.

So with the help of Richard and Tamara, I decided to mix things up a bit, and have them, long with me, choose which compact 9mms we think give you the most for your money.