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Kills Bugs Deads. On Humans, No Effect.

Kills Bugs Deads. On Humans, No Effect.

When you first start out on this journey of safe and secure armed self-defense, you’ll occasionally hear someone recommend wasp spray as an effective less-lethal tool. And just to be clear, wasp spray is very effective.

On bugs. Anything else, fuggitaboutit.

Wasp spray is formulated to do one thing, and do it well: Kill wasps. Anything else, like minor eye irritation, is secondary to its original purpose, killing bugs.

I honestly have no idea why this idea that wasp spray is good for self defense is still around. The best I can figure, it’s like those people who recommend getting a baseball bat for self-defense instead of a firearm.

As if beating someone to death is a better way to defend your life than shooting someone. However, by having a baseball bat in the home, you can still fool yourself into thinking that a) you’re prepared to defend your life against lethal force and b) you’re REALLY one of those crazy gun nuts who think that the world is a dangerous place.

And so you keep a can a bug spray handy, in case someone attacks you.

Stop it. Carry pepper spray. It works, you should carry it, and leave the wasp spray for the bugs.