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New Class – Concealed Carry Jumpstart

New Class – Concealed Carry Jumpstart

“If we are satisfied in our own minds that our capacity for action is capable of going from 0 to 11 in the blink of an eye, we become profoundly dangerous to the criminal element.”
- John Murphy

Greg Ellifritz is a retired Ohio police officer and one of the best firearms trainers in the business. Working as a cop in Ohio, he would know right away if the people he pulled over for traffic stops had an active concealed carry permit. Of all the people he pulled over in his career, only one in nine actually had a firearm with them when pulled over. They went through all the time and money to get a permit, and then never actually carried a gun.

Seems rather silly to me. It’d be like taking a cooking class, and then eating at McDonalds for the rest of your life.

However, I think it’s because most people see a gun as a token of power, not as a tool to be yielded by a competent craftsmen. People think that the mere fact that there is a gun in their home (or worse still, in their car) will keep them safe, like it’s a +5 Amulet Of Protection from a D&D game, or something.

They’ve bought wishful thinking. What they haven’t bought is confidence.

Confidence can’t be bought. You either know how to do something, or you don’t. No gadget or faith in an object’s power will provide you with confidence. Rather, confidence comes from knowing what you can DO with the gadget you’ve just bought, and that knowledge comes from training and practice.

The gap between the amount of people who attend a concealed carry class and the amount who actually carry their gun is the #1 problem in the firearms training industry. Well, I aim to do something about it.

On March 2, I’ll be starting a six week course that is designed from the bottom up to be the easiest way to learn how to live the concealed carry lifestyle. Students will learn about holster selection, the concealed carry draw, what to look out for on the streets and how to shoot a little more better (hopefully a LOT more better) than they shot at the beginning of the class.

And because I’m all about measured standards, at the end of the class, they’ll shoot (and probably pass) the Florida Dept, of Law Enforcement Pistol Qualification.

Very excited to launch this class, because it’s the sort of thing that I wished I had taken, lo, these many years ago. For more information on this class, please email me at