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Training Goals

As this year winds down and another is on the horizon, it’s time to review my self-improvement goals from last year and what I want to do next year. 

Goal #1: Fitness
Semi-fail. Didn’t get better, didn’t get worse. It’s becoming readily apparent to me that I am not going to get this done without some outside coaching. 

Goal #2: Grow the Business
Success. I’m very happy with the amount and type of classes we’ve taught, from CPR to CCW to Woman’s Self-Defense Awareness. Look for more in the upcoming year, and be sure to follow us on EventBrite.

Goal #3: Continue My Education
Success. Sorta. My goal was 100 hours of firearms and personal safety education this year, and I’m at 95 hours right now. There is a slight chance I’ll reach 100 hours this year, but it’s probably not going to happen. 

I was, however, able to attend the following classes this year: 

John Hearne, “How Paranoid Are You?” (Online) 
CPR / Tourniquet Refresher Course
John Murphy, Street Encounter Skills and Tactics
Jeff Street, Retention and Drawing
Tac Con
Strategos International Church Safety Training
Lee Weems, Stand Your Ground
Tom Givens, Defensive Shotgun
Force IMI Church Security: Prevention and Awareness 

Goals For Next Year

Get Serious About Fitness. I Mean It.
The window of opportunity is closing on this one. No reason not to do it. 

Continue To Grow The Business
Not too big. I like my day job too much

More Training
Here’s what next year will hopefully look like:

Front Sight, 2 Day Defensive Handgun* 
Steve Anderson, 1 Day Class
Rangemaster Instructor Certification
Rangemaster Shotgun Instructor
Scott Jedlinski, Red Dot 

That’ll put me at 118 hours for the year, which I would really love to pull off. Nobody in my area teaches defensive shotgun, so I have an opportunity to fill a niche here. 

Going to be a fun year. 


* Yes, really. Look, I get it. Front Sight doesn’t have a good reputation, but here’s the thing: I have two close relatives, one who is interested in That Life, and one who isn’t, but both are willing to take their first-ever semiserious class with me at Front Sight. Am I going to learn something that’ll make me shoot better? Probably not. However, how Front Sight manages to a) move so many people through their gates each month and b) make a profit are both endlessly fascinating to me. Plus I’ll be introducing two more people into the armed lifestyle. It’s worth it.