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The Six CYA’s Of The Armed Lifestyle

The Six CYA’s Of The Armed Lifestyle

Challenge Your Assumptions: Think you “know how to shoot?” Prove it. Shoot a 5×5 or a Dot Torture drill with no warmup, and see if you’re right. Can’t do that? Well, then it’s time to…

Cover Your Assets: Prepare yourself to defend what’s important to you. Get the training you need to stay safe no matter where you are. Carry whenever and wherever you can. Get your mind in the game now, ’cause you’re not going to be the one who decides when and where things are going to kick off. 

Can You Articulate? Can you explain why someone “Just doesn’t look right?” Do you know the five elements of legal self defense? We can help with that. 

Can You Act? Are you in a position where you can affect the outcome of a violent encounter? Are your skills, gear and mindset up to the task that’s in front of you? How do you know if they are? Have you tested yourself and your gear under stressful conditions that have real-world application? 

Call Your Attorney: So you decided to act. This is NOT the time to find an attorney who can help you win any potential legal battle that may lay ahead of you. I’m a member of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, and I recommend them to everyone who carries a defensive firearm. 

Can You Authenticate? Is there evidence and witnesses that prove why you acted as you did? Does your training history show that you are a calm, rational person who acted appropriately? 


Full credit to Massad Ayoob for #2 and #4 on this list.