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2022 Training Goals

2022 Training Goals

Every year for the past five years or so, it’s been my goal to take 100 hours of firearms training so I can be a better shot and a better teacher. I just missed 100 hours last year: I wound up with 95 hours, but some of those classes were really good. John Murphy’s Street Encounter Skills and Tom Givens’ Shotgun class were real highlights of the year. 

This year, my goal is to get my Rangemaster Instructor Certification, along with some force on force training and bask in the glory that is TacCon. After that, I’m sure. I’d like to get certified in Defensive Shotgun from Rangemaster and I want to take Jedi’s red dot class as well. On top of that, I have a friend who’s lobbying me to go on a Barbary Sheep hunt in Texas sometime soon. If I do that, either the Jedi class or the Shotgun Instructor class is going by the wayside. 

That’s the bad news. The good news is, I will top 100 hours of instruction by the end of March, insuring that I meet my 100 hours a year goal for this year.

Which is cool.