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22 Pew Pew

22 Pew Pew

I had a student bring a Glock 44 to her CCW pistol test. I shot it, and I immediately knew I needed to get one. It was so much FREAKING FUN to shoot. It had all the fun that a 22 pistol brings to the table, plus it had the shape and feel of my normal Glock 19 carry gun.

On top of that, I shot a 1.87 sec Bill Drill with it.

That got me thinking: Are the new breed to 22 pistols like the Glock 44, LCP 2 22 LiteRack and the ol’ reliable S&W 43c viable self-defense guns?

Short answer: Yes, I think they are. They’re not optimal and shouldn’t be your first choice, but if it’s a choice between carrying a 22 and carrying nothing, carry a 22, and practice with it until you get good.

And considering that it’s a 22, there is no reason NOT to practice with it.