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The V Word

The V Word

“Vulnerability.” We don’t like to talk about it, because pretty much the entire firearms and self-defense industry is built around eliminating vulnerabilities in our lives. Can’t defend yourself against a bad guy with a gun? Take a class (preferably one of mine). Can’t block a punch? Enroll in a dojo. And so it goes. 

The thing is, though, that the awareness of a vulnerability is what drives the need for training. It starts off with a moment of clarity, that a) there are people out there that want to do us harm and b) those people are pretty darn good at making sure they attack us when there is no cop around. 

We like to think that having a gun will make us “feel safe,” but the fact is,  no matter what I do,  I have a vulnerability: My wife and children. They are the reason why I got into this, and I will take any and all means to keep them safe. 

This is where the desire to “feel safe” falls apart. Because feelings are personal, the feeling of safety that owning a gun provides covers just me, it doesn’t protect my wife and kids. In order for them to be safe, I need to act on my desire to feel safe and acquire the skills needed to protect them from harm. 

If you’ve bought a gun for protection, great! Now it’s time to do more with it than hope you’ll be able to use it when it matters the most. Just because vulnerability exists doesn’t mean it needs to rule your life.