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Upcoming Training

Upcoming Training

When I said I was taking some time off during the summer for some training, I wasn’t kidding. Here’s what I have planned for the rest of the year.

Force on Force Training – 5 Hours
I’m taking this class because I’m working on standing up the safety/security team for my church, and I want to add some roleplaying/de-escalation work into the mix. This will do until I work up the resources to fly out to Texas to take Karl Rehn’s Force on Force Instructor class.

Gunsite 150 – 24 hours 
Why? Because I can, that’s why. Gunsite is where all of this began, so I jump on any chance I can train with these guys as a way of making sure I’m on the right path.

CPR/AED/Trauma Care – 3 hours
This’ll be a refresher for me, and it’s such a useful class, almost EVERYBODY should take it, as your chances of needing to use CPR far exceeds the chances of you needing to use a defensive firearm.

Image-Based Decision Drills Instructor – 16 hours
I used a few of the IBDD cards in a recent pepper spray class, and while it went very well, I think there is still more to be learned about how to use them to pre-visualize a dangerous encounter.

Sabre Red Pepper Spray Instructor – 10 hours
I’d like to take Chuck Haggard’s class, but this class has the advantage of being much closer to me, and it’s always nice to have a “name brand” associated with any certification I get.

Defense Training International Instructor – 20 hours
Speaking of name brands, John Farnam is one of the most-respected trainers out there, so getting certified by him as an instructor is a nice feather in my cap.

Appleseed Rifle Class – 18 hours 
I’ve taken this class twice before and I’ve yet to receive a Rifleman patch. You have no idea how much this p!sses me off, as I want one badly. This time for sure!

This, along with the training I’ve taken earlier this year, puts me at 108 hours of training for the year, which is right inline with my yearly goals and will put me at over 1,100 lifetime hours of training.