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The Readiness Is All.

The Readiness Is All.

From time to time, I hear people say “Look, I don’t need to take a class, I learned how to shoot in military / I was a cop / etc.”


There is a big, big difference between people who take training because their platoon sergeant or watch captain tells them they are required to take training, and people like you and me who take training because everyone realize that it’s in our best interests if we do so.

My friend Tim from FPF Training lays it out quite nicely.

“Nobody knows how they going to react to something to a violent situation until you are in that position’ I don’t care how you think you would react or how much training you have had”.

I see this kind of sentiment stated often. It’s nonsense.

People conflate seeing “trained” people fail at a task and conclude that being “trained” is not an indicator of success. They are usually doing so after having watched someone who was “trained” as a part of their employment fail at a task. Someone who shows up to “training” because they are forced to by job requirements is something very different than someone who shows up to training on their own time and their own dime.

There is a vast gulf of difference in the mindset of someone who is forced to be at training by virtue of employment and someone who is seeking it out.
Most police officers have training with firearms because they are forced to undergo it by their department. There are also officers who seek out training on their own and when we look at what happens in fights the difference in results between these two groups is staggering.

The decision to seek out training…to want to get better…is the result of a mental process. The person seeking training out accepts that they are on the hook for protecting themselves and they seek to make themselves more capable. As a result of this, if the bad thing happens they usually perform pretty well. 

I look at Rangemaster’s student record. This is a group of mostly ordinary people who found themselves face to face with a criminal bent on violence…and yet they didn’t freeze up or die screaming and begging. When faced with a lethal threat they quickly responded with lethal force and walked away intact while the criminal was left bleeding.

It would seem, then, that we can tell **an awful lot** about how someone will perform by their training. Or, rather, the fact that they made their own decision to go get trained. 

Get trained. Because some things are worth fighting for.

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