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Castle Doctrine

Castle Doctrine

There’s an old joke about two friends getting chased by a bear, and the punchline is where one turns to the other and says, “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun YOU!”

This is how we should approach home security. We don’t have to make our homes look like Ft. Knox in order to be safe. We just need to present our homes as being a little more difficult to break into than the one next to us. Remember, crooks aren’t stupid: If given a choice between a well-lit house with a sturdy door and a happy dog, or a house with no lights on and an expensive car in the driveway, they’re going to go for the easier score 20 times out of 20.

Which is where this neat little home security audit from Integrated Skills Group comes in handy. It’s chock-full of good ideas, some of which I do (back into parking spots) and some of which I don’t (my footprint on the interwebs is quite large).

Take a look at their audit, see how you stack up, then take appropriate measures.