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Aiming Points.

Aiming Points.

These are articles I’ve found on the web that I found interesting and useful, but I’m not seeing a way to turn them into full-fledged articles. A lot of these came via Greg Ellifritz, and it’d be a good idea to sign up for his newsletter.

Tips for Pocket Pistol Practice.
Tip #1: If you can’t shoot 50 rounds at one time through your pocket pistol without it being painful, GET A NEW GUN; either a pocket pistol that’s easier to shoot, or a slightly bigger gun that’ll need another method of concealment. You’re not doing yourself or your loved ones a favor if you carry around a gun you can’t shoot well.

Arm Yourself With Verbal Ju-Jitsu
A highly under-rated and under-developed skill amongst the armed citizenry. We grow up as social animals, but for most of us, the amount of times we’ve successfully talked our way out of dicey situation is exactly zero. There is a big, big difference between the conversational skills needed to order fast food correctly and the skill needed to talk someone out of harming someone else. A little less pew pew and a little more talk talk would do wonders for your ability to keep yourself safe.

The Well-Armed Woman’s Top Guns For 2018.
I like to think that I got this ball rolling back in 2013 with what turned out to be the #1 article in the history of, and I’m pleased to see it continue. On the one hand, I object to the idea of a “woman’s gun,” (can you see anyone doing a “Top Ten Guns For Men” list?), but on the other hand, I recognize that different physiological needs require different guns. What’s interesting is that, with the exception of the Glock 19, all of them are either pocket or subcompact guns. Also interesting: Not a single snub-nosed .38 on the list. Huh.
Memo to the firearms training industry: These are the guns that your customers are buying. What are you going to do about it?