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Get Your Act Together, Florida.

Get Your Act Together, Florida.

Pardon me as I delve into politics for a second, but the fact is, if concealed carry is restricted, the marketing for training goes down as well, so this sort of thing is in my vital self-interest.

Miguel points out that there has been a bill introduced to reduce the amount of time a Florida concealed carry permit is valid and introduce a shooting test in order to receive a permit.
This, while South Dakota, Oklahoma and Kentucky are moving to permit-free carry.

What the heck, Florida… what the heck?

In addition to this, there are big changes to how the self-defense plea works inside of Florida courts, but a bill to implement the recommendations of the Parkland commission is nowhere to be found.

Why is this happening?

It’s happening because the gun rights movement in Florida is a fractured mess. In Arizona, where I lived and learned how to shoot, we had the Az. State Rifle and Pistol Association supporting traditional shooting sports and such, and we had the Az. Citizen’s Defense League for expanding concealed carry and the more modern aspects of gun ownership. They worked together with very little friction, and as a result, Arizona consistently has had the best gun laws in the nation.

Here in Florida, gun owners are far more likely to blame the NRA for being too soft or criticize or Florida Open Carry for being too much on the fringe or point their fingers at any one of a half-dozen other groups for their supposed lack of fidelity to the Second Amendment rather than point their ire at the gun control groups who are ready, willing and able to attempt full-scale civilian disarmament. The forces of gun control know this, and that’s why we have a political environment in Florida that favors civilian disarmament, rather than the right of self-protection. We are weak, and they know it.

That needs to stop. Gun owners in Florida are really good at directing incoming fire on ourselves. Maybe it’s time to aim for the other side, lest we become the most ideologically pure denizens of the boxcars headed east.

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