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The Non-Gun Owner’s Guide To Gun Gifts

The Non-Gun Owner’s Guide To Gun Gifts

There were times during my career as a professional photographer where I’d have to smile politely and thank a relative for their Christmas gift of a dozen rolls of 24 exposure color negative film.

“Kevin’s a photographer,” they’d think to themselves, “and photographers can always use more film, right?”

Well, yes, in theory. However, I would shoot, at best, 3 rolls of film for color prints each year, while going through enough Fujichrome transparency film every month to give our UPS driver a hernia.

That’s because specialized professions require specialized gear, and specialized hobbies do as well. Avoid that awkward moment on Christmas morning when you have to tell your spouse that the spare magazines she bought for your rifle are really nice, but you own an AR, not an AK with the gift guide for non-gun owners I wrote for