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Working For A Living

Working For A Living

My background is in photojournalism, so I had an absolute blast last week following around Julie Golob for one day during SHOT.

For people in the industry, SHOT Show is not a relaxing tour of the new guns and a chance to look at the latest tactical gear. Rather, it is a busy, busy week of meetings, appointments and running from booth to booth.

And the photos of Julie that I took over the course of just one day at SHOT show that fact.

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  1. Man, I had a tough time finding any link to click on in that post.

    I was expecting a photo essay, but I couldn’t see anything to click on. Not the photo of Julie itself, not the words “photos of Julie”, and it was only when I hovered over “one day at SHOT show” that I saw it was a live hyperlink. I’m slightly red-green colorblind, so that doesn’t help (maybe that explains it entirely), but so are 10% of all men. It’d be nice if your hyperlinks were more obvious. Old-school? Underlined? Yeah.

    But the photo essay was great. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I played around with the design to make the links more obvious but not to where they’re glaring.

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