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Something Needs Shooting, You’re Just Not Sure What.

Something Needs Shooting, You’re Just Not Sure What.

I first heard about the scout rifle in the late 80’s, and I never really understood the hype about it.

It wasn’t the most accurate rifle in the world. It wasn’t the most powerful nor did it have the highest capacity. I figured it must be one of the things that had a niche market, like the Colt Python, and went about my merry way.

Then Ruger came out with the Gunsite Scout, and I got it. The scout rifle wasn’t meant to do one thing exceedingly well, like punch holes in paper at 800 yards or put 20 rounds on-target in under 10 seconds. Rather, the scout rifle if more like a multitool. There are sharper knives than the knife in your multitool, and better screwdrivers and pliers and whatnot as well. However, unless you fix things for a living, you’re not going to be out and about with a toolbox slung over your shoulder.

When I was a photographer, I got in the habit of carrying a multitool around with me on location, and it saved many a photo shoot. A multitool can be carried pretty much all the time, and while it may not be the best tool for the job, it’s the best tool you have at this very second.

That’s what a scout rifle is.