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The Spaces Between The Shots*

The Spaces Between The Shots*

Update on this post. Rather than saying “Just buying a gun doesn’t turn you into a gunfighter anymore than buying a musical instrument turns you into *insert name of musician here*,” we should be saying, “Just buying a gun doesn’t turn you into Rob Leatham or Nils Jonasson. It does doesn’t give you any technical ability with your gun.”

How many successful, well-known musicians are out there who know how to play their instrument, but have no clue about how to read music, much less write everything down? People like Rick Beato can teach you not only how to play, but also teach you the mindset of music. Technical ability is very important, but it only goes so far. For example, Johnny Ramone (RIP) wasn’t known for his technical expertise at soloing. He was one of the greatest guitarists who ever lived because a) he could play to the fullest extent within his limits and b) knew how to put on a good show. He was more than a musician, he was a good performer.

Being a good performer means you know how to read an audience and change what you’re doing to match that. Being a good performer forces you to change how you see that world. And performing well under pressure is what it’s all about, right? Just buying a gun means you can now learn how to play the notes. Playing at Carnegie Hall? That takes a lot more effort, and a change in your mindset.

* It’s a riff on something Claude DeBussy once said.