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New Class Series: Pistol Technique Tuneup

New Class Series: Pistol Technique Tuneup

Over  the last year, three things have become very self-evident:

  1. Ammo can be found, but even so, it’s more expensive than it was in 2019
  2. Traveling anything more than a few miles from home is a royal pain
  3. People want to be safe, but they don’t have the time or cash to commit to a week-long class

To help solve all three of those problems (and to give you something fun and educational to do on a weekend), we’re rolling out the Pistol Technique Tuneup series of classes. These are a series of six classes that are specifically concentrated on just one area of the concealed carry lifestyle. They’re inexpensive ($60 each, with a discount if you’re a member of Tradecraft range), use very little ammo (50 rounds or less), small (for better learning) and are just two hours long. 

Better yet, rather than throwing two dozen concepts at you over the course of a day-long class, each class in the series will be devoted to only one part of the armed lifestyle. This means that rather have one bit of knowledge fight for attention with the other things you’re learning,  you’ll be able fully understand and apply the concepts you’ll be see in each class.

The first class in the series, The Concealed Carry Draw, will be at 10am on Saturday, October 2nd. This class is designed to improve your draw from concealment, no matter if you’re an experienced firearms owner who carries a pistol on a daily basis or someone who is new to the concealed carry lifestyle. 

Some of topics covered in this class will be:

  • Choosing A Good Holster And Gun Belt
  • The Efficient Concealed Carry Draw
  • Safe Re-holstering
  • Theory And Practice Of The Failure To Stop Drill

There will also be many opportunities for in-depth evaluation and 1-1 coaching.

Gear Requirements

  • A reliable pistol in 9mm / 38 Special or larger caliber with two magazines or speed loaders
  • A concealable waistband holster (no soft nylon holsters or Blackhawk! Serpa)
  • A garment to cover your holster, such as a button-front shirt, light jacket or oversized t-shirt (an undershirt is also recommended)
  • Eye Protection / Ear Protection
  • 50 rounds of ammunition

Class is limited to just 5 people. Please visit this link to sign up online, and for questions on this class or other training, email me at