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I Still Believe

I Still Believe

In A Thing Called Fun

Open Source Defense nails it once again: There is a big, big gap between what people like me (gun nerds) and what people who like to go shooting expect from a trip to the range. 

A cool thing about guns is that they’re extremely fun. That’s underdiscussed because gun people never talk about it with non-gun people. But when gun people get together, 100% of the time they basically just nerd out. 

People want to live better lives, but by its very nature, defensive firearms training is negative-based. We are telling people what to on the worst day of your lives. Nerds like me accept that and embrace it, but it is a steep hill to climb for those who think (correctly) that guns are fun. 

Many other gun activities don’t have this problem. The goal of hunting is fun. The goal of shooting clays is fun. Practical shooting CAN be fun, but it’s really easy to remember the bad stuff in that sport and forget that you’re supposed to have fun.

Defensive firearms training, though, talks about the bad things that MIGHT happen to us. How do we sell the good stuff? What does the best day of your life look like, and how does firearms training fit into that picture? 

We figure that one, and we go beyond the 1%