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What’s Your Backup Plan?

What’s Your Backup Plan?

Everything we do in the personal defense world is based on having a backup plan. You were expecting that living in a “nice neighborhood” and “not hanging out with the wrong crowd” would keep you safe from harm. It didn’t work: What’s your backup plan?

You believed that going to a firearms training class and getting your concealed carry permit was enough to protect you. It wasn’t, and now you’re staring a life and death situation in the face: What’s your backup plan?

Or maybe you thought that having a gun somewhere in the home would somehow keep you free from harm no matter where you went, and now you’re miles from your gun, having to deal with a very scary situation. What’s your backup plan?

None of us gets to decide when we need a backup plan, but it better darn well be ready to go when it’s needed. Build your backup plan now, before you have to put in action, and it will be ready to go when it’s absolutely necessary.