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Turning Your Pistol Into An IPhone

Turning Your Pistol Into An IPhone

Remember 35mm cameras? The ones that shot actual film that needed developing before you could see your pictures? I realize that right now, some of my photographer friends are saying “Remember 35mm cameras? I shoot with one all the time!,” but bear with me here. 

Getting out the Canon or the Olympus or the Pentax from the closet was A Big Deal. Taking a camera with you was only done on special occasions, like birthdays, graduation ceremonies or a family vacation, times when you knew you would need a camera because something special was going to happen. 

In other words, you carried your camera only when you thought you’d need a camera. 

That’s not the case today, however. The smartphone that’s in everyone’s hand is a terrific picture-taking device, and there’s really no need to take a camera with you anymore, unless you need a special kind of photo, something that requires better lighting or a telephoto lens. 

Making the connection to concealed carry yet? The vast majority of people who get a concealed carry permit treat their carry gun of choice like a 35mm camera, and only carry it when they think they’ll need to use it. This is dumb, because you’re not the one who gets to decide if you need a gun, someone else does, and they’re not going to let you know until the very last second. 

15 years of smartphones has taught us that good photos happen anywhere, at any time, so having a camera with you all the time, not just when you think you’ll need it, means you get to enjoy life in all its glory and share it with others. Having a defensive firearm with you all the time means you have a chance to continue to enjoy life when things go very wrong. 

Great photos and horrific violence can happen at anytime*. Plan accordingly. 


* Back in the day, I carried an Olympus XA with me to get the great photos, and now I carry a Glock 19.