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Our Priorities Are All Wrong

Our Priorities Are All Wrong

If you take any beginning pistol class or decent concealed carry source (3 or more hours of instruction), you’re going to get lots of tips on grip, stance, sights and trigger. These are important things, and need to be taught, however, they’re not the most important thing you need to teach students. 

The most important thing you need to teach student is how to have their gun with them every waking moment. If they don’t do that, anything else you teach them is literally academic. How do we accomplish that? Dunno, still working on that, but I think we need to talk with the students more about how they live their lives and see how we can help them work a gun into what they do, because that’s what makes the difference.

Similarly, the context of what we teach matters. An 8 second FAST is a far more difficult task to achieve than passing the FDLE Qual, but try telling that to a jury. The Marine Corps and FBI pistol quals both require more skill and are more and are relatable to the common man. A six second El Prez? What does that mean? The old FAM (Federal Air Marshall) qual is spicy, but most people can’t grasp just how that shows competency with a pistol.

What’s the one thing we want my concealed carry students to do? Carry their guns. Everything else has got to be secondary to that goal. They have to have a gun with them in order to defend what’s important with it.