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New Class: Home Defense Carbine

New Class: Home Defense Carbine

Once vilified as an “assault weapon,” the AR-15 is, in fact, a very effective tool for home defense. Light, easy to handle and with little appreciable recoil, it can be quickly adapted to fit each user in ways other rifles cannot.

This four hour class will cover the application of an AR-15 to the thorny problem of home defense. Students will learn how to optimize their carbines for use inside the home, how to use a sling, as well as learn which accessories are “must haves” for a home defense carbine. This class is specifically designed for all the gun owners out there who bought an AR-15 in the past few years for home defense (a good idea) but then don’t know what the next step is.

In addition to this, the class will cover the different types of close-quarters optics and how to keep your rifle in the action.

The live-fire portion will cover zeroing your gun, understanding and overcoming mechanical sight offset and speed and accuracy at common home defense distances.

Topics covered will include:

  • History and operation of the AR-15
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the AR-15 for home defense
  • Choosing an optic for your rifle
  • Other accessory choices
  • Setup and sling use
  • Stance, grip and sight alignment
  • Zeroing your sighting system
  • Engaging targets at common self defense distances
  • Use of cover

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