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Mission Creeps

Mission Creeps

YouTube decided to serve me up a video for “The Top Five Church Security Handguns.”

Really? REALLY?

I’m in the process of standing up a security team for my house of worship, and trying to standardize on a handgun for the team is decidedly NOT on my t0-do list. Rather, it’s getting all our volunteers up to speed on CPR and AED use, pre-attack indicators and methods of de-escalation. Then, and ONLY then, will we worry about going hands-on or having to make a 14 yard headshot with a concealed carry pistol.

I live in Florida (aka “God’s Waiting Room”) and my church is MUCH more likely to have to deal with a medical emergency or an irate parishioner than an active shooter.

The mission drives the gear train, and if you think the #1 mission for a church security team is active shooter protection, your train has jumped the tracks.