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The Florida Job.

The Florida Job.

A bills is being introduced into the Florida Senate to implement the recommendations of the Parkland commission, including allowing teachers to arm themselves.

The Florida Senate is considering legislation that would add educators to the controversial school guardian program.

If teachers go through a voluntary training program, they would be eligible to carry guns in their classrooms.

These relaxed rules about teachers carrying defensive firearms are important to all Florida gun owners, not just teachers. Why? Two reasons.

  1. As a heavily populated purple state, Florida has a tendency to set the gun law standard for the nation as a whole. The drive towards “shall issue” started when Florida made its concealed carry laws more constitution-friendly. When, (not if… I’m a confident sonuvagun) Florida allows teachers to protect the students in their care, it will once again set the standard for the rest of the nation.
  2. School boards in the state of Florida employ a LOT of teachers, and by saying that it’s ok to carry concealed in the workplace, they are sending a clear signal to the other employers in the state that maybe they also should consider allowing employees to save their lives themselves, rather than cower and wait for the police to show up. After all, mass shootings happen more often in the workplace than they do in schools, so it makes sense to ditch the “gun free zones” at work, and allow safety to come in instead.

If you’re in Florida, and especially if you live in a more purplish district, contact your state Senator today and tell him or her to support this important extension of the basic human right of self-defense.