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Points Of Impact.

Points of Impact.

Just a few quick notes of interest …

  • I wrote a quick primer on night vision gear for Shooting Illustrated, laying out the differences between the various generations of image intensifiers and what thermal can do for you vs. starlight scopes. Go check it out.
  • Tam has a great piece on weapon-mounted lights for concealed carry. I’m kinda on the fence about them: If they’re the instant-on type like the Crimson Trace Lightguards, then by all means, go for it. However, I will say your home defense gun absolutely needs a light, no matter if it’s pistol, rifle or shotgun.
  • I hate it when trainers say “Look, you’ll just have a buy a bunch of stuff and try it out for yourself.” I have tried out a lot of stuff, and I have a list of concealed carry gear and resources elsewhere on the site that I recommend.
  • Speaking of gear recommendations, here’s a short piece I wrote on inside the waistband holsters versus outside the waistband ones, and a look at what makes a good gun belt. It maddens and saddens me when I see people buying expensive pistols and then plopping them into cheap holsters held up by Walmart belts. It’s like buying a sports car, and fitting it with the cheapest tires available… it just doesn’t make sense.