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Not Old. Not Fat. Not White. Not Guys.

Not Old. Not Fat. Not White. Not Guys.

A recent survey by the University of Chicago confirms what I’ve been seeing for a long, long time. The stereotype of the white, conservative male gun owner is must that: A stereotype.

86 percent of first-time buyers identified in the survey were under 45, compared to 41 percent for pre-pandemic owners. 69 percent were people of color, compared to 26 percent of pre-pandemic owners.

The data provides more support for the observational retail survey data taken throughout the massive spike in gun sales during the pandemic. If valid, it confirms that the landscape of American gun ownership has shifted massively in just the last two years.

The survey found that about 5 percent of all adults in America purchased a gun for the first time during the two-year period between March 2020 and March 2022. It also found that 46 percent of American households now report having a gun in the home.

Power to (all) the people.