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TacCon 2022

TacCon 2022

Greg mentioned the dearth of reports from TacCon this year, due in part to the slow death of gun blogging. Heck, I’m a part of that death, I’ll admit it. I don’t blog here like I used to because writing about guns is my full time gig, and there are only so many words to go around. I’ll be doing three articles on TacCon for my employer over the next few weeks, but let’s talk a bit about the event itself, who should go there and what you’ll learn.

Who should go? Well, just about anyone who carries a defensive firearm on a regular basis. The amount of learning at TacCon is great, but what REALLY sets it apart is the breadth of what is offered. For example, I’m headed over to the Miami area in two weeks to take a three day shotgun instructor class, and all I’ll be learning is how to teach others how to shoot a shotgun, which is typical of most classes. Most classes focus on one part of the armed lifestyle in order to increase your knowledge of that subject.

TacCon, on the other hand, allows you to find out what you don’t know about armed self defense. Every year I go, I make it a point to take classes on things I know little about, be it unarmed fighting or something else. This is terrific for the above-average gun owner, as it gives them a road map to get down off of Mount Stupid and begin the actual learning process.

The benefits for firearms instructors, on the other hand, are almost too numerous to mention. Besides all that stuff about finding out what you don’t know, you can network and find like minds in your area, take classes from some of the best trainers out there and get insights as to who you want to bring in as a guest instructor in the coming months.

Is TacCon for everyone? No. Look, if you don’t carry a gun on a regular basis, or have firmly decided you “know how to shoot,” and don’t need to push yourself, then you probably shouldn’t go to TacCon. For everyone else, though, it is a smorgasbord of knowledge that is to be sampled with great gusto. Can’t wait to go back.