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Little Bites Of Broccoli

Little Bites Of Broccoli

The biggest problem we face in firearms training is getting students to carry their guns on a regular basis. Everything, the desire to take more training and get involved in the concealed carry lifestyle, starts with carrying a gun wherever and whenever you can. 

And that’s a problem, because there’s really not a class you can take to learn how to do this sort of thing. I’m not going to call you first thing in the morning and tell you to put your holster and gun on before you leave the house. I can’t be there when you choose your first holster (well, I probably can, but it’s going to cost you… I don’t work for free 🙂 ). However, I can point you to Phlster Holster’s  excellent “Concealment Mechanics” primer or Chris Cypert’s great article on how to choose a holster for your gun

I’m not going to tell you that carrying a gun will change your life. Ok, it changed mine, but I’m the exception, not the rule. What I can tell is that carrying a gun will help your life NOT to change. Losing a loved one is a big change. Your loved ones losing you is a big change. 

Change is good, but some changes are more horrific than others. Carry your guns, live your lives, and have fun, because this life is worth living, and your life is worth protecting.